Personal Training

Hello my name is Dana and I have been personal training and in the fitness world for about 15 years.  

I started my own personal training business as a side job while I got my masters in psychology when I quickly realized I was helping people so much more through physical fitness then I was sitting with them in a psychology office setting.  I believe physical health can play a big role in mental health and I love seeing how happy people feel when their workout is done! No one ever regrets making it to the gym! 

I most recently worked for a corporate gym and held many different management titles but my dream has always been to get back to full time personal training and group classes.  My passion is helping people feel strong and empowered through fitness.  No matter what your goal is there is a way to get there!  

I mostly specialize in fat loss and strength building through a circuit and weight training style. I have helped people lose weight, increase cardio ability, tone, recover from injuries, build muscle, run marathons, compete, get ready for weddings, trips, fit into that dress or that suit but the most rewarding part is helping people make a healthy lifestyle change.